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Comix Zone- an awesome and very creative beat 'em up
Columns- it's not the Game Gear version but it'll do
Ocarina of Time- safer to have it in digital format than on a fragile disc
Kid Icarus- I like the remake so why not?
Metroid- I have it on 3DS and like it there.

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As to the remake (you mean 3DS Classics?), the big difference is that the 3D Classic was based on the Famicom Disk System version, so downloading on VC is going to get you the NES version, which has different sound and a password feature instead of save files.



Real Bout Fatal Fury 1
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Best Fatal Fury game second only to GMOTW)
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury 3 (Gorgeous visuals and sound)
Fatal Fury Special (Excellent game, awesome soundtrack)
Fatal Fury 1
Fatal Fury 2
Art of Fighting 1
Art of Fighting 2 (A Classic with nice OST)
The Last Blade 2 (A Masterpiece)
The Last Blade (Awesome a must have)
Sengoku 2 (I am still wating for Sengoku 3)
Magical Drop 3
Zelda Majora's Mask
Zelda Ocarina of Time

P.D. I have GMOTW on XBLA but I wil be happy to buy it again for the Virtual Console in case they release it

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Legend of Zelda and Mega Man 2.

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