Topic: Wow, Today's Virtual Console Update is Lame!

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Seriously, Wonder Boy in Monster Lair III? Nintendo what were you thinking?!

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I think they should have released another VC game with it. releasing it by itself is a bad idea IMHO because there is already the turbografx version of this game available.



Perhaps "Lets get the crap out of the way first so we can have a bright future of good games," maybe?

It had to come at some point.

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I'm not upset they put out Wonderboy III. I'm upset its the only game this week and we have had some stinkers this month. I wish they could pair it with another game. Also we need a break from Wonderboy for the next 2 years.

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I don't even know that that argument applies. Did it really have to come out at some point when there already is a cheaper, better version of the same game? Sigh, Nintendo, if you're going to give us crap, at least give us a diversity of crap.

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I think "lame" is a kind way of putting it. Today's update just plain sucks! The only thing we really can do is NOT download it! Just be prepared for another disapointment next week. Though I hope Nintendo can prove me wrong.



lol @ Adam: I never thought I would hear the phrase 'diversity of crap' used in a sentence.



Indeed!^ But yes, if we're going to receive games we don't want, can they at least not be variations of one we already have and don't want?

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I didn't think it was too bad. Crystal Defenders and Dr. Mario make it a decent update.



On the VC side of things I would have to say it is a below average update, but with the games we've gotten this year so far (Castlevania III, TwinBee, Bomerman '94, etc.) I'm not really complaining. Also if we look ahead to what we have coming (Super Smash Bros. 64, Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star) I say get this game that is said (haven't played any version of it) to suck come out now, and the other games that in the general public's opinion to be good games come out during the summer when most of us will be out of school with more money and/or free time!

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Reggie says "important" Wii titles coming

Damn you Reggie!!!!!
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Yes, very weak, although I'm hoping the mix of titles means we'll see a mix of them in PAL-land as well (though hopefully 4 titles, please?).

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Well get this. We don't get SSB 64 today.



NA is hurting bad for a classic VC game. SSB64 and Majora's Mask need to come at once for all the crap we've been drudged through for the last month.

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I'm sick of all the random crap we're getting lately. I thought the purpose of the Virtual Console was to release classic games we grew up with and loved.



Lol, this topic can apply to every Monday for the past ohsomany weeks. I hate Mondays x-(



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Thanks! It's a montage of the art I'm creating for a game competition

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Then again, I bet Nintendo is simply randomly releasing new games. When trying to meet a schedule of 4+ games per month, fan-reception does not always have a say.

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03bgood wrote:

I thought the purpose of the Virtual Console was to release classic games we grew up with and loved.

The purpose of the Virtual Console was to release classic games. The point should not be to strictly download games you've played and loved. I guess thats playing it safe but for me, I enjoy exploring new territory and I love it when relatively unknown but great games like Nobunaga's Ambition come out. Besides, who's to say that NOBODY grew up and loved these kind of games? It might be a minority but it still exists.


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