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Topic: Would you prefer bad games being released instead of getting zero games?

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I'd take bad games over no games, unless the game is "Super Pitfall"

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LordJumpMad wrote:

Bad games are the same as getting no game.
Would you get a bad game?

You miss the point.

I'll use a timeline thing.

[Three months without games] -> [Bad game] -> [Bad game] -> [Bad game] -> [Good game] -> [Bad game] -> [Bad game] -> [Bad game] -> [Good game]


[Three months of bad games] -> [Good game] -> [Good game] -> [Good game]

When do you want those bad games to be released? And you can't say not at all.

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No games. That way the good games would get the sales/attention they deserve, which sadly enough right now they don't.

EDIT: I thought this was the general game forum. Oh well, it holds true for anything.

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I don't mind bad games being released at all if you are referring to the services like the Virtual Console. I'll buy em

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