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It's hardly unexpected news, but it's welcome nonetheless.

Have you bought a bunch of Virtual Console games? Do you have endless SD cards filled to overflowing with purchased WiiWare? And are you frightened that those investments might be lost when the Wii U arrives to take its place as your primary Nintendo portable?

Nintendo of America has confirmed you can transfer your Wii Virtual Console purchases to the Wii U.

Executive Scott Moffitt told ABC News you'll be able to move across past VC purchases and play them on the Wii U. Moffitt said there'll be a lot of restructuring necessary — Wii U will support multiple online user accounts for instance — but at least you won't need to shell out on buying Super Mario 64 for the fourth time.

We imagine the Wii U GamePad will be enough to play your collection of classic titles, but as Wii U uses all Wii controllers you might want to hang on to your Classic Controller all the same.

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Since the news article is already going strong on the main site, please feel free to discuss it there, RevolverLink. Thank you! :3

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