Topic: Which Zelda is the best?

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Oracle of Seasons is number 1 for me.

All Hail The Box!


A Link to the Past



Not the best but my favourite is Link's Awakening.

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tfw it seems pretty obvious that every one is forgetting skyward sword on purpose

My favorite 3D Zeldas goes like this
1.) Skyward Sword
2.) Twilight Princess
3.) Wind Waker
4.) Ocarina of Time

Im pretty sure those are all the 3D Zeldas... Oh wait you say I forgot Majora's Mask?

Well I didnt forget it I just hate it to death It's basically an ill executed side quest simulator with that Damn moon ruining every thing

tfw you realize this thread is from 2009 facepalm

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The NX is going to be delayed to Holiday 2017 you heard it here first, also It should be pretty obvious what my favorite game of all time is cough Skyward Sword cough

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Bass_X0 wrote:

Not the best but my favourite is Link's Awakening.

You were doing so well. It's sad to see you relapse.

Yeah I don’t know either.

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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