Topic: Which do you think is better: Phantasy Star IV or Ogre Battle?

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I'm looking for a good RPG and now, because of the Hannabi Festival, Ogre Battle has been released. I have 1000 wiipoints.Both of them have a 9 as a score. Which one do you think is better and why?

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Well, then you should get Phantasy Star 4, because Ogre Battle isn´t a RPG. OB is a Realtime Strategy Game with very few RPG-elements. But it´s good and worth the 900 points.
PS4 on the other hand is an old-school RPG with a great story but the graphics are VERY dated even for MegaDrive 1993/94 standard (except the story sequences). And for 800 points you get about 30+hrs of gameplay, so it´s a bargain. Except you also have a PS2 or PS3/360. Then get the Mega Drive Collections for little money because all the MD Phantasy Stars are included there.

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Both them are very good games. Phantasy Star IV is dated, but is a great RPG if you forget his limitations (in the other hand you have spaceship attack!). Ogre Battle is very, very entertaining, perhaps more than Phantasy Star IV. There are a lot of screts hidden in the maps and the RPG elements in the game are good (you can't control your troops, only tarot cards and choose between a few attack patterns, but you can level up them and change the class).

You decide. The first chapters of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Secret of Mana, Breath of Fire II, Shining Force II or Landstalker are good elections too.

Choose with intuition and luck!



Get Landstalker, or Secret of Mana, both of them are better than Phantasy Star IV. I'm not sure about Ogre Battle though.


Get Ogre Battle.
Or Secret of Mana.
Or Super Mario RPG.


phantasy star 4 is the best out of the series and a great old turn based rpg
ogre battle is more of a rts with rpg elements
if you like old turn based rpgs, i say breath of fire 2 is great game i haven't got vc one yet but i loved the game on super even had it for gba

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I think that the better is Ogre battle, but If you looking for a good RPG, You will download the SECRET OF MANA, is the best RPG in CV in my opinion



Cool, I'll add Phantasy Star IV and Breath of Fire 2 to the the RPG list along with FFIV: The After Years...that's a whole lotta RPGs!

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