Topic: When do you think Mario party 3 is coming to vc

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Well they have to put the GCN ones on WiiU so I assume soon, before MP4

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Hopefully soon, since it's my favorite Mario Party.

Duel mode is still awesome.

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I want to know about this and Dr Mario 64 and all of those other games.

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Yes i feel the same way

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Probably some time after the launch of the Wii U would be my guess.

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Not to be pessimistic but I think there won't be anymore N64 games coming to VC. The last N64 game on VC was Bomberman Hero all the way back in early March 2011.



We will or should continue to get VC games throughout the Wii U lifespan too. They could be waiting for the Wii U to be released before relasing more VC games.

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