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I have 1200 points lying around and have been itching to play some Life Force. So, I want to buy that and maybe a Star Soldier game but I'm not sure which one to get. I already have Star Soldier for the NES and Star Parodier but what's the best one out of the ones I don't have? Please be specific if you could.

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Hmmm...most people would say a tie between Soldier Blade and Blazing Lazers(Star Soldier's cousin). I've only played Soldier Blade and its great. Honestly I like Final Soldier and Star Solider R as well. Keep in mind if you get Star Solider R its only a score attack game. There are no other missions.
I like Super Star Soldier, but the difficulty is so high and the last level is brutal to beat.

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Soldier Blade. It's hard but do-able. Blazing lasers is also great but I found it a bit harder.TBH you can't go wrong with either. The TG-16 had so many awesome SHMUPS. I love the VC for allowing me to play these gems.
Star Soldier R is definitely fun but only has 2 levels so if your not into score attack I wouldn't bother.

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If you'd like opinions regarding which game to purchase, please feel free to ask in the VC Recommendations thread. Thank you! :3

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