Topic: What's taking so long for Donkey Kong 64 to come to VC?

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Somehow I bet DK64 will be the next game people will whine about for the rest of 2009; that is if Nintendo is spacing their N64 game releases with good reason?!

I mean if you look at my point of view for once without arguing or being rude...

Nintendo might release DK64 if they can somehow get a hold of licensing issues & find the time to emulate it right... with or without the Rare companies authority & keeping/or removing those arcade NES games!

I mean of course that's as OBVIOUS I can explain it; & we all know the OBVIOUS reason why it will take a serious long time to hit the VC!

So I finish by saying...
It will probably take another several long months of waiting for any other N64 game to appear on the VC after NOA wises up & releases SSB64 for crying out loud! I mean if you think about it for once with your SMART BRAINS... we had to wait after a dissapointing April until May for Zelda Majora's Mask! And now it's July; when clearly SSB64 was released in June in other regions!

So I wouldn't be surprised if say after SSB64 is released say in july; that any other N64 game will come out for another 2-3 months! Be it that we get anything else other than DK64; we could get other N64 games people also still whine about... like Mario Party for example!



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