Topic: What will you do if you can't transfer your downloaded VC and WiiWare games to Wii U?

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I'll just keep my Wii for playing the Virtual Console and WiiWare games. No big deal. It won't stop me downloading games I want if it does become confirmed that you won't be able to transfer.

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I don't have many Wii VC games so it wouldn't matter much to me. My Wii U will be hooked up to my 59" Plasma which retro games don't look good on anyway. I will hook up my Wii to my 30" LCD or 19" CRT along with my NES and SNES.

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I will personally mail Nintendo and complain. It should be there from the start and not come later like it did for the 3DS.

I'd be very surprised if they didn't allow transfer of your games though.

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I honestly don't care. My Wii is meant for WiiWare to be played on it. VC isn't a big deal since I own every game I downloaded IRL. No loss. No problem.

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19Robb92 wrote:

I will personally mail Nintendo and complain. It should be there from the start and not come later like it did for the 3DS.

I'd be very surprised if they didn't allow transfer of your games though.

Go get them

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I learned long ago not to sell any of my systems so for me it wont matter I plan on keeping my Wii even when I get the Wii U.

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I was planning on keeping my Wii when I got the Wii U anyway due to the Wii U being unable to play Gamecube games so it wouldn't matter to me.


I would just keep my Wii and keep playing the great games, I doubt though that Nintendo would do something like that though.

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I could say a lot of things, or at least a few, regarding this issue. However, I'll just straight answer the question:I will definitely keep my Wii. Like Tasuki, I learned long ago not to sell my games, &/or consoles, unless I don't care/intend if I ever own those games ever again, or not. However, if I can't transfer my games at will, & @ a time of my choice, then that will influence my decision to withhold getting a WiiU.

One can say that they understand, but this is a case where I understood from personal experience, since I actually considered what I've spent on VC/WW(a.k.a. digital content, not a hard copy I have in my hands): Years ago I realized why devs love digital over hard copy ~ One of the keys is that the games can, but not necessarily are, or have to be bound, to a specific device, making a re-purchase on another platform that much more possible to occur. More Profit.

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I'm honestly not sure, but then again I want to wait till the Wii U builds up a good library before getting one. So I have time to think this question over.

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I'm keeping my Wii no matter what, but if I couldn't transfer VC and WiiWare games to the WiiU it would make me reconsider getting a WiiU.



I dont even know why i will keep my Wii... I will give it too my brother cuz my past wii(Wich is broken) had ALOT of WiiWare and VC but it broke so i bought a new one and this one is empty... and i already own a Sexy black Gamecube so i dont lose anything!

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I hope Nintendo launches a DL to transfer all VC/WW to the Wii U like they did with DSi to 3DS because i want them in a only place and not many in one console and many in another.

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I'll just throw my Wii in the N64 junk box in my closet... and re-buy all those point cards for the Wii-U... O-Yeah!

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The Wii U should have enough memory to transfer and store my 200+ WiiWare & Virtual Console downloads.

I also hope for full Pay&Play DLC and save data transfer.

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I doubt I'd get a Wii U. I'm unlikely to get one anyway due to the removal of GameCube compatibility and I still have a ton of titles to play through. If I also can't transfer my VC games, it'd be the nail in the coffin. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next generation anyway - maybe PC gaming.



you know how i would feel... FURIOUS, OUTRAGED, SICK WITH ANGER!



As it is I don't have much interest in the Wii U, so if I couldn't transfer my games that would make it even less appealing.

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