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Topic: What to spend my last 500 Wii Points on...

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I've got 500 Wii Points left on the Wii Store, and I'm trying to decide what to spend them on,..

I'm not really looking for suggestions on which game to buy, but trying to decide if I should spend them on a one that has been released on the Wii U Virtual Console, so I can get the upgrade price, or should I get one that is only on the Wii Virtual console?

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The Wii U VC is nice and worth the upgrade price, but the Wii VC has stuff that probably won't be on the Wii U VC for years, so you may be better off just getting a Wii VC exclusive.

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If you don't have the original zelda or kirby's adventure, get one of these.

Btw, there's probably a thread for this already.

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A recommendation, continue to put points to your Wii shop. There are a lot of gems there and almost all VC never will come to Wii U eshop (Turbografx, NeoGeo, Genesis, Arcade, Master System even N64, etc)

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The Wii U VC has no Squaresoft RPG's, so I recommend you stick to the Wii VC!

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