Topic: What N64 game do you think we will see next after Super Smash Bros

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Dark+Link wrote:

Hopefully we will get the Earthbound that we're all dreaming of.
That will be the day.

That's not an N64 game. It's a Super Nintendo.

On-Topic: I think that the next N64 game is going to be Mario (Mario Tennis, Mario Party, etc.) or Donkey Kong 64.

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Mario Tennis will most likely be next.

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Conker's Bad Fur Day. I highly doubt it though

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I like to get Excitebike 64.

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I'd enjoy either Mario Tennis or the original Mario Party.

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Mario 128



Somehow, I doubt Mario Party will come to VC.

Maybe because they would've done it already and would want to space out the releases, and because Nintendo wouldn't want to go through the whole blisters thing again...



i will be suprised if it`s a non nintendo title.
nintendo has been selfish with eegards to the N64 titles on VC, but then, they do as they please anyway, regardless of what fans want.

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I don't think it's them being selfish. It's just cheaper for them to release their own games.
To answer the question, I would like to see... erm... ooh was the original Animal Crossing in english? I wouldn't mind downloading that.

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I would love to see beetle adventure racing, or Turok.



@DarkLink The game which you are referring to is Eartbound 64 (Mother 3). It was originally planned to be realeased on the N64. But the team which was making it hadn't the experience to do it in N64 beacuse of the 3D (all of the previous games were in 2D). Finally, NIntendo decided that the best option was to put it into the 2d again in the Game Boy Advance.

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That reminds me...WHEN IS THE EARTHBOUND SERIES GOING TO COME TO NORTH AMERICA!? Come on,Nintendo! I have the money,show me the games!!



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