Topic: What games you would like to see on the Virtual Console?

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CanisWolfred wrote:

cheetahman91 wrote:

...Pop'n Twinbee...Spriggan...Sapphire

R.I.P. Hudson-Soft...

Pop'n Twinbee is actually Konami so it may come to the Wii U VC. I played it and other Twinbee games on my brother's PSP recently and I'd love to see the series come to more platforms.


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MrSRArter wrote:

On the Wii VC, nothing now with the Wii being dead (and probably discontinued in early 2014). I'd rather see them come to 3DS and Wii U.

I know for a fact Nintendo is no longer supporting the Wii which is why only Neo Geo games have been coming to the Wii VC lately. Nintendo said that the Kirby Anniversary Collection was the last game that they were doing for the Wii.

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cheetahman91 wrote:

More Shumps like Recca (heard it might be coming to 3DS VC but would much rather play it on a TV screen), Crisis Force, Pop'n Twinbee, Gun Nac, Spriggan, the Neo Geo CD version of Ironclad, Blazing Star, Prehistoric Isle 2, Pulstar, Sapphire and The Guardian Legend.

In terms of other genres, I really want to see Castlevania Bloodlines, Terranigma, Splatterhouse 3, The Legendary Axe, Contra, Jackal, Mr. Gimmick!, Jumpman, Mayhem in Monsterland and Adventure Islands II & III.

As far as I know, there's nothing stopping these games from getting a re-release. Unfortunately, the Neo Geo is the only console that still gets support on the Wii VC, so we're going to need to see some consoles added to the Wii U VC before some of these can be added.

So many good choices. I'm really hoping the Neo Geo stuff continues and carries over to the Wii-U.

Shame Konami is the one blocking many of these releases.

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