Topic: What downloadable games do you plan on getting next?

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For me, I'm gonna pick up a 2000 Wii points card tomorrow and I plan on getting MDK2 for WiiWare and Ironclad for the VC. A lot of times though, when I'm actually about to download a game, I have second thoughts and go with something else, so we'll see if that happens. Maybe something great and unexpected will come for the Wii shop tomorrow

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KaiserGX wrote:

FFIII... going to have to wait another 2 weeks for a chance of it coming out again...

How do you know it's not coming out today?



How do you know it's not coming out today? updated a few minutes ago.

I'm waiting upon two 2000 point cards coming in the post. I currently have 300 points on my Wii Shop.

First I'll download Mario Party 2, then think about what else to download for myself or if I should get a game for my nephew and niece.

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I plan on picking up FAST: Racing League later today. It looks just fantastic and is almost assuredly great considering that its coming from Shin'en. And next Monday of course sees the launch of the eShop (FINALLY!!!) so I'll be downloading Super Mario Land, the free Excitebike game, and whatever else tickles my fancy on launch. It would probably be a good idea not to buy FAST today and save that money for the eShop.....but I can't help it! Crossing my fingers for a huge eShop game reveal and release next Tuesday to coincide with the freshly launched shop

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Well, since there's nothing left on the NES VC that interests me(StarTropics was the last a boy what an awesome experience that was. It was completely fresh and new to me since i never experienced ir back as a child)....That's until Mega Man 5 and Adventure Island 2 which have been confirmed are eventually released. Until then I'm thinking of getting the following.

Super Mario Land
Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
Excite Bike 3D
Mega Man X
Gunstar Heroes
Super Adventure Island

And I think I'll be skipping Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64(depending)....As for MMX, nothing new to me but an amazing game no doubt. Although I've never played Gun Star Heroes before, and I only remember renting SAI with my cousin for a couple of days and hardly playing it.

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ExciteBike 3D
Links Awakening
Super Mario Land

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What the hell man! I just went into the Wii Shop to add some points to download FAST with later and it told me that there was an error and it couldn't confirm credit info at this time! I really hope this is fixed by update time today because after the eShop launch I'm probably gonna be a lot tighter with my download money toward anything other than 3DS...

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I'm thinking about getting a few of these:
Hydroventure - - - ThruSpace - - - Cave Story - - - FAST - Racing League - - - BIT.TRIP FLUX - - - BIT.TRIP FATE
What do you think?

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Probably Adventure Island II. Won't be getting another points card for a while probably so hopefully it'll be available in NA by the time I do get one.

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Super Mario Land once I get a 3DS and that's out.

And Mystical Ninja on SNES VC.

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I did get MDK2, but instead of Ironclad I got 2 NES games: S.C.A.T and Zelda II (which IS a good game, despite claims that it isn't). Ironclad will have to wait til the next time I get Wii points, and who knows when that will be. I also have to say I was sad to see that MDK2 was not on the Top 20 More people need to buy it so we can get more classic games like that.

Some of the games I'm planning on getting in the future:
Adventures of Lolo 2
Dragon's Curse
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
Pitfall the Mayan Adventure
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy III (when it comes to NA)
Bomberman Hero

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super mario land

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Either Majora's Mask or secret of mana. Most likely majora's mask

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Mega Man X.

The first minute it is available to download here.

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More VC games because we need to support the system or Nintendo won´t bring us more VC games.

Me gusta jugar videojuegos. Soy de México. Sorry my english grammar. I love the Virtual Console, party and fighting games too.

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I think I´m going for more C64 games next: Boulder Dash, the two International Karate games, Impossible Mission 1 & 2, maybe Pitstop II. Already have Paradroid, Uridium and The Last Ninja trilogy (had... now that Ninja 3 is gone).

My Mega Drive list says The Story of Thor, Crack Down, Pulseman, Monster World IV.

N64: maybe Ogre Battle 64. maybe Cruis´n USA. (these are the only 2 N64 VC games I don´t have already.)

Turbografx: Dungeon Explorer.

WiiWare: Would love to see Snowpack Park, Line Attack Heroes, Discipline, MDK2, and Stonekeep coming to Europe.


Monster World IV is awesome!

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