Topic: What downloadable games do you have that were removed from the service?

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@G4L - I suppose the thread you started titled "The Very Best Rock N' Retro Music On VC?" does have significant purpose to others? Were you expecting to find the meaning of life or a cure for cancer in this thread? I was simply curious to know what removed games people own so I made the thread. People can choose to comment or not, either way is fine. I don't know why you are being such an elitist here.



brooks83 is correct — there's no point in questioning the point of one thread if we're not gonna go down the line questioning all of them. let's get back to the topic, please :3

future of NL >:3
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This thread is for bragging!!

Look how many removed games I have that most of you won´t ever get!!

Good to see nobody downloaded all removed games. No ones VC/WW collection will ever be complete.


The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie Game on PSN a PS2 Classic



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