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After reading all the fun comments, I'll agree that some 'big' game 'must' be released, in there own time. However, adding that, there are still a lot of fun 'small' games still to be released on the (Nintendo) Virtual Console.

Maybe, even upgraded features, or how about more compatible accessory(-type) use...


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In regards to Neo Geo, I for one dislike the VC system, because theyre 900 points (owch) and almost all fighters (blech.) Its probably many people's least favorite system, and a few people's favorite.

900 points is a small price to pay for pretty much arcade perfect versions of the games - the SNES and Genesis ports of Neo Geo games are vastly inferior in every way especially in graphics but would only cost 100 points less on the Virtual Console. If there was a game that you wanted to play that was available on the Genesis and Neo Geo at the standard price point per system which would you download?
And checking the Neo Geo games available on the Virtual Console right now reveals that just over half the number of total games are fighting games. That's still a good variety of NeoGeo games that aren't fighters. Your prejudices cannot stand up against the facts.

What game is on the NEO GEO and the systems you mentioned? Any? Any notables?
Also, I said "most" games are fighters and you confirmed that over half are. So, my "prejudice" DOES hold up to the facts.

If you like the NEO GEO that's fine. I know 900 pts in nothing compared to the original price but compared to other systems I don't see any worth it. Just my opinion in that part. Have a good one.

To be fair, there are still quite a few NON-fighters for Neo Geo that haven't been released for VC. Unfortunately SNK has really slowed down on releases lately. I hope they're not catching that same bug Hudson caught and have become fixated on the overrated, troublesome WiiWare instead of the superior Virtual Console.

Neo Geo is known as the fighter system though, much like the TG-16/PC Engine was known as the shooter system. These were largely niche consoles and thus tended to focus on a specific genre.

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Well, looks like we didn't get a big VC game. Not too surprising, though.

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There's always next week...and the week after that....


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As far as I'm concerned, we'll be getting a big VC release in July.

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i want super mario kart next week vc has fell off but wiiware has picked up in a big way mayb that was noa plan so they dont have 2 worry bout pumpin out great vc games 2 save some 4 the next nintendo console

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As far as I'm concerned,NOA will quit releasing VC games altogether eventually.

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i dont think so i jus think they want 2 save some blockbuster games 4 the next system so we'll see games like starfox super mario world 2 yoshi island donkey kong 64 etc etc etc



SuperSonic1990 wrote:

As far as I'm concerned,NOA will quit releasing VC games altogether eventually.

Sadly, I have to agree that this is the direction Nintendo seems to be going, and not just in North America. For instance, look at their release schedule for Japan's Virtual Console in the month of July: 3 games. Just 3! That's even less than we are currently getting. I fear the VC may be going the way of Xbox Originals (although, of course, the situation with that service was substantially worse).
At least Sony seems to be ramping up their retro releases. I just bought a PSP after months of fence-sitting just for that reason, and the prices are fair ($5.99 for a classic like Suikoden? Sign me up!).
Not trolling, I swear. Just a disillusioned Nintendo fan. Oh well, at least they still make some great games!



Japan's July Schedule will actually have 6-8 games when the month is over with since theres going to be at least one Namco VCA game a week and probably 2 for one week.

VC is not going to go the way of XBox Originals. Microsoft probably decided on our to just flatout end the service. Nintendo is doing their best to keep VC going as long as possible and thats WHY we've been getting less releases. If VC ends it will be because Nintendo runs out of games, not because they just wanna suddenly decide to give up.


WarioFan63 is correct. Last month there were a few games listed in advance and then a slew of Namco VCA and other releases as well. The idea that the VC is being abandoned is ludicrous just because there's only one release a week.

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