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Some of those new consoles could be supported on the current hardware. They just haven't got round to doing it yet. Besides, the owner of the original consoles must agree to their machine being emulated on the VC and also publishers have to be found who are willing to continually publish games for the consoles. Its no good if they decide not to bother after a while (although the NeoGeo and C64 are showing very little support, releases haven't completely stopped).

How would it support a little more than all games on a system?

Twice as cheap? Doubtful. Maybe we will get larger games on the Wii2Ware than we get on the WiiWare for the same price but I don't think VC game prices will drop. Maybe there could be more regular sales like the one we're seeing from Sega.

And how can licensing issues be fixed. If an owner of a license refuses to give up a license then there's nothing that can be done. Most companies probably rather not bother trying to re-aquire a license and instead concentrate on releasing their own franchises.

However, I did come up with an idea that could work. Let's take NES Popeye. Let's say Nintendo can't aquire the rights to the Popeye license. So how about replacing the Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, spinach and music with Mario characters, items and music without changing the gameplay at all. With such significant changes, it couldn't be called a VC game anymore so just stick it on WiiWare for 500 points, the same as a NES game. Okay, sure as a WiiWare game it would be really lacking in content and graphics but everybody should know what they did and why they did it. This practice is also done for some other games, the Oscar game on the DSi was originally a Trolls game but with the Trolls license stripped and replaced.

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