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I just now went to the coming soon page on this site, and there were 3 Virtual Boy games listed: 3D Tetris, Nester's Funky Bowling and Panic Bomber. Was this some kind of April Fool's joke that didn't get used or have they been announced somewhere? It didn't have any information on how they were announced. Anybody have any idea what this is about? I would love to download some VB games on the VC!



I haven't heard anything about that, but it sure would be cool to get that Wario game.

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I was mistaken, that wasn't the coming soon list for the Virtual Console. Apparently they are going to do a retro review of those games. I apologize. But I would still love to see Virtual Boy games on the VC!



I would love that too. Just replace the eye-straining red with orange or something and sell the games for only 300-500 points each. They could have the entire library in 6 months if they update once every 2-3 weeks with one.

games id like:
the boxing robot game
the puzzle game
Red Alert
Wario Land virtual boy
Mario Tennis
Mario Clash

without the insanity of the eye destruction, these games could get the needed recognition they didnt originally get.



I guess it depends if the DSi can handle that much red.

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The games are appearing in the coming soon list due to a slight bug in the system. Sorry if we got anyone's hopes up, but VB games will NOT be coming to the Virtual Console any time soon!

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although it would be nice to have these games, it doesnt make any sense. wasnt the buzz about virtual boy because the games were in 3D? nintendo will never release them in an inferior form, and there isnt enough demand for a remake, especially if its not a 3D one. dont see it happening.

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Seriously, play the Virtual Boy for 15 minutes and then tell me you wouldn't rather play them on a TV. I recently tried a VB emulator just to see what the difference was like, and my eyes cried tears of relief. Not only was my head not stuck in this ridiculous contraption, but there was an option to change the red tint to white. Sweet relief!
VB on VC would be awesome. In fact, it would be better because while the software lineup was very impressive, the hardware stank. These titles deserve to see the light of day instead of being hidden in that eye-numbing headsetthingy.

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