Topic: VC Chrono Trigger Problem/Bug -- Any Ideas for Help?

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Hey all,

I recently downloaded Chrono Trigger on the VC, and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this issue/had a solution. My issue is that when in battle, I can't use items. If you select "Item" as an action, nothing shows up on the menu — it's completely blank. I've tried resetting the software already to no avail. A few other details: Just got to 2300 A.D. in the game, and the issue started around the time of battling Yakra. I could use items in battle when I first started playing, but not anymore.

I'd appreciate any ideas you guys have!



I was afraid of that...



If you're worried about it messing up your save data, it shouldn't affect it since it's a separate file from the game itself.

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