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Like the title says, this topic is about Herzog Zwei, and the sick injustice that it's not on the Virtual Console. Ok, so a lot of games aren't on the Virtual Console that should DEFINITELY be here by now. I've heard your Earthbounds, Majora's Masks, and your Super Smash Bros', and of course, who doesn't want Rondo of Blood, Contra, and any N64 and C64 games? Arcade has just started, so lets wait a bit before we complain about the inevitable lack of Revenge of Death Adder.

However, this is Herzog F***ing Zwei, and dammit, it deserves it's own topic!

If you don't know what that game is, go buy a Genesis and the game off eBay, drive cross country and buy or steal it from the first person you find who has it, or you know, that one easier method involving downloading that everybody else uses. The game predated Sonic, but remained unequaled on the hardware throughout it's lifetime. It supposedly almost got a 32X sequel (of which nothing is known about, it may be a baseless rumor for all I know), but the "tremendous success" of the hardware meant we were destined to never get a "Herzog Drei".

It's got a cult fanbase. One person made a flash game based on it if I recall (it wasn't very good, though. But they never are.), while some other guy was working on an Unreal Tournament mod and pretty much gave up on that (How far did he get? I don't know, but he refused to give me any pictures at all.), and there are a few sites dedicated to the game (and also explain how to play)

It's really an interesting game, and shame on everybody who has been complaining about wanting VC games that aren't Herzog Zwei.

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I agree that it's a cult classic and deserves a release. However, it's still unclear as to who owns the rights to Herzog Zwei - it was developed and published by TechnoSoft, best known for the Thunder Force series, but they were bought out by a pachinko company about ten years ago. A new Thunder Force game did come out just a few months back for the PS2, but I believe Sega bought the IP for that game only. Who knows.



Yes, I completely agree that it should come onto the Virtual Console at some point.

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