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Kirby for nintendo and when i loved it i had to see it on the SNES so on the same day bought the SNES version aswell...

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This may sound weird but ALTTP, I liked Zelda but I honestly thought ALTTP would be the worst for some reason

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links awakening and i didnt hate it but i didnt enjoy it that much i found it easy and the Final boss was very easy i like zelda top-downs but not this one go for misnish cap best zelda top-down game

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Mine was DoReMi Fantasy, a fantastic SNES import title!

Great music, graphics and overall gameplay, even though I had no idea what the story was about except for guessing while the pictures and text were showing.

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^Same here. That game is a classic. Every platformer fan must play it,

As for me, it was most TG16 titles, but the most surprising and awesome were Ys Book I & II and Air Zonk.

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I never thought I would ever enjoy a game like Metroid, but after downloading Metroid II "just because", I fell in love with the series!Totally worth the chance.

Other noteworthy games are Catrap and Mario's Picross.

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Secret of Mana. First time I even heard of it was on the Wii Shop place. Now it's one of my favorite games, so happy I bought that.

Also MK64. It wasn't exactly a blind purchase but... I've probably played its multiplayer more than any other game I own

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Fire Emblem: SS was an Ambassador Title. I didn't know just how much I'd been missing for years. I love that game.

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FFVI. My friend was obsessed with Final Fantasy and I thought it was just another dumb RPG. I was wrong by a long shot. Probably one of the best games ever made.

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Sin and Punishment. One of the first (if not THE first, if I recall correctly) import title. I had read about it before, and I was curious to see what the deal was. While a little short and simplistic, I'd be lying if I said it felt like it was a wasted purchase.

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I'd have to say Bonk's Adventure. I had heard about it on nlife, but had never experienced it and decided to give it a shot. Well, I found out that it definitely was worth my money! Another "blind purchase" was Chrono Trigger. I heard all over the place how amazing it was and after awhile, I decided to give it a go. I found out that it is definitely in my top 10 list of best games ever!

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