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EDIT: Starting right now, this tread does count for 3DS Virtual Console as well as for Wii's Virtual Console!

Hello all of you viewing this thread!

I'm pretty sure that the majority of us here have not played every retro game that was released back in the day. Thankfully, Wii's Virtual Console is providing games for the child in all of us who remember the NES, SNES, etc., as well as for those who caught on to gaming later on or who's first gaming purchase was Wii.

Of the many games available on Virtual Console, there are a lot of popular games that we all know and love! That noted, there are also a lot of games there that we may not be quite so familiar with. With the latter, we may find that a game is interesting looking enough to warrant a try, anyway. However, because Nintendo does not have a demo system for it's Virtual Console, one would have to flat out buy the "unknown-but-kind-of-interesting-looking" Virtual Console game.

The best moment in taking such a leap of faith is knowing that it paid off. In this instance, paying off would mean you have ended up with a game as good as or better than what you expected! So the question is this: what Virtual Console game did you buy on a chance that turned out to be a really good buy on your part?

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Super Turrican is one I bought blindly and really enjoyed it enough to purchase Mega Turrican and Super Turrican 2

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GB Donkey Kong. It was my first VC purchase after I got my 3DS, and I couldn't believe just how packed it was. I was expecting some lousy arcade clone, but man, what a great game. Absolutely loaded, and I loved it.



Does this count for the handheld VC as well? If so then I have really enjoyed Catrap and Dragon Crystal. Both games I got before reviews because they looked quite enjoyable and are.

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Mario's Picross when it arrived on VC as an import; well in Europe anyway; never played the series before glad I gave it a chance seriously addictive was in Japanese but its a puzzle game so not a big deal.



Square-enixFan wrote:

Does this count for the handheld VC as well? If so then I have really enjoyed Catrap and Dragon Crystal. Both games I got before reviews because they looked quite enjoyable and are.

It counts now @Square-enixFan. Also, after looking up Catrap, it looks like a pretty interesting take on the puzzle game genre. Once I get a 3DS, I may have to get this!

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GB Donkey Kong, although I used Club Nintendo coins, and I wasn't really that hesitant to take the leap.

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That Shinobi game for the Game Gear.

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Donkey Kong. Had no idea how expansive and deep it was. Still hard to believe it's a GB game.

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Donkey Kong on GB

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Avenging Spirit on the 3DSVC. I never heard of it until it came out on the VC. Honestly I dont know why I bought I just saw it and decided what the hell. As far as the Wii VC goes I dont really make blind purchases on that because all of the games I bought on that I have played before.

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Kirby's Adventure on the Wii. Atleast i think it was a blind purchase... We knew about Kirby, but i don't think we knew much about the game.



I guess Pulseman, since I've never heard of it until it was released, and it turned out awesome.


Super mario rpg, back when it first came out on vc. No regrets

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Many of the VC games I bought I had never played before, but I don't know if I would consider any of them blind purchases. I look up reviews and gameplay videos of every game before I download them.



My situation is the same than brooks83. My only blind purchase was Bloody Roar for GameCube. I had never known about that series and i buyed it and i loved it.

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None, I haven't taken a chance on VC. However, I did take a chance on Zelda: Sprirt Tracks on my DS, and it turned out great.


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Another post mentioned Kirby's adventure and I would consider that a blind purchase for me as well. As it turns out I love it!

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Catrap, I usually don't do blind purchases that much. But this looked like a nice game, plus it seemed like the best choice of $3 eShop games.



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