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Hi everyone , how do i load a saved game / progress on this game? I saved it at level 3 ( with save game ''yes'' highlighted in blue not pink) and when i came to carry on it started at the beginning again. Which is it to save? Pink or blue? And where is the load game icon ? Konami could have made this simpler but theyve made a dogs dinner out of this! Otherwise the games not bad. thanks



Last I checked, there was no save feature in Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth. Or any of the ReBirth games. They're mad old-school, yo.

EDIT: Oh, do you want the Level Select? I remember seeing someone do that at least. Select Game Start and Hold Right on the D-Pad for a few seconds.

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Oh thats good to know. thanks il try that! Cheers



i remember saving my game...

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