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What VC downloads are you regretting ever getting?

I almost regret ever getting Cruisin' USA. It's not that great anymore. It used to be awesome.
Zelda II is rather boring IMO. Hopefully, it'll get better after the first temple.

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I only have a couple. Most of the VC games I downloaded I have played before so that helped a bit. But some of the ones I regretted are World Class Baseball, World Sports Competition, and Ninja Combat. The first two I mainly downloaded for my son cause he was bugging me for them and Ninja Combat I thought it was another game that I played years ago but it wasnt the game I thought it was.

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Cruis’n USA (N64) – This is just a stupid game. It’s nothing like the arcade version. It has terrible graphics (for a N64 game), really sensitive controls, annoying music, and terrible gameplay in general.

Dungeon Explorer (TG-16) – I bought this game thinking “Wow! 5 players at once in a Zelda adventure type game? I’m getting this!”. Well, I liked the game for about a few minutes before I realized that it was a boring and bland game. There is little to no color in any of the environments. It feels like everything is brown and dead. This makes everything look the same, which made it easy to get lost. The game just gets boring very quickly that I have to force myself to play it in order to continue.

Gradius (NES) – It’s not bad, but decent at best. What really breaks the deal for me is that there is no auto fire button. This actually makes the game harder than it should be. The only controller I have with a turbo button is my Gamecube controller, which is not the ideal controller for any other VC games besides N64 games. Though, even with a turbo button, the game is still annoyingly difficult.

Mario Bros (NES) – Only one reason for me not liking this game: the controls. If you want to jump forward, you can’t just jump then move forward, no, you have to move that direction THEN you can jump forward. Also, you cannot control where you fall to, which can cause you to lose many lives. This is really annoying and it's something that I can never get used too no matter how many times I play the game.

Pokémon Snap (N64) – This is not a bad game at all. It’s actually pretty good. The thing is that it’s really short and easy. Also, the game only had around half of the 1st gen Pokémon. This never made sense to me because another N64 game called Pokémon Stadium had all 151 in one cartridge. Seriously, why did they do this? It would have made the game much longer and more interesting.

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All PAL versions of Megadrive games you can now get in 60 Hz and for less money thanks to the Sega (Ultimate) Megadrive Collection. I unfortunately downloaded Sonic the Hedgehog and Shining Force on Virtual Console before i bought the collection. Sonic is just not meant to run in 50 Hz.

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omg, another one of these posts. Lets see...I haven't had my Wii connected to the internet for a while, and don't think i will until i move to tokyo in 2 weeks (i love the download speeds here, kyoto isn't as good, but still fast).

Lets see, I really felt dumb after buying Fast Draw Showdown. I seriously haven't touched it since the day i got it, and only played it for maybe 5 minutes before realizing that it would never get interesting. The Magic Obelisk isn't a bad game, but I regret buying it since I never realy play it. Ditto for Tomena Sanner and Tales from money island.

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@Tsuchinoko: VC downloads, not WiiWare. :3

on that note, allow me to bring up Shining Force for the nth time.

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Hasn't there been at least 5 threads just like this before this?
Virtua Fighter 2: My brother just wanted a Genesis game, and he said a fighter would be interesting but it had clunky controls, insanely hard, and horrible sound. Plus, right after we downloaded it, we looked at the GameSpot review. Guess what expression my brother had.
Kid Icarus: Just isn't played much and I've never gotten past the first level (I know I'm a n00b).
Bomberman '93: Was extremely fun at first, but once we downloaded Bomberman Blast, it was completely obsolete.
SMB Lost Levels: Wasn't worth the points.
That's about it.

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I regret buying Uncharted Waters: New Horizons it was monotonous and boring.



Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream, knowing that I could've bought Super Metroid or another great game.


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I regret nothing... I'm very careful with my points, I watch gameplay videos over and over before I buy a game that I never owned Originally.

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Probably Star Fox 64, since it's supposedly coming out on 3DS.


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I regret getting the NES games Soccer (why did I download this? It's so bad) and Blades of Steel (should have got Ice Hockey instead, or should I)
I first regretted getting The Last Ninja (C64), but now I have started to understand the controls so now I kind of like it. might even get Last Ninja 2


I really wish I hadn't bought Lylat Wars. I really enjoyed Star Fox Assault so I thought it'd be a sure winner, but it just looks so dated and I played through it in a day. I have no intention of downloading it again.

Also, as much as I love Yoshi's Story... so, so short. Not really worth £7, I don't think. Maybe if it was 600 or 800 Nintendo Points, yeah, but otherwise... nah. Not for me.


NES Open Tournament Golf I like NES golf games a lot I just don't ever feel like playing them.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles It is a right until that under water stage...Im have only got past it once and noo matter how hard I try I can never do it again.

F-ZERO 64, Yoshi Story, Mario RPG They are all great games it is just that I own better versions off each of them. F-Zero GX, Yoshi's Island, and Mario and Luigi RPG .

Pretty much every game not made by Nintendo I don't play the others for some reason

All the Genisis games I own Because I got Sonic's Genisis Collection.

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ballkirby1 wrote:

F-ZERO 64, Yoshi Story, Mario RPG They are all great games it is just that I own better versions off each of them. F-Zero GX, Yoshi's Island, and Mario and Luigi RPG .

I actually disagree with you on all 3 of those games. The retro versions were actually better, in my opinion.

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Only Mario Bros. only because its more for 2 players and well i dont do 2 players that much

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