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In anticipation of the games European release this Thursday I was wondering if people who had played the game could post some thoughts on it. In particular, how does it compare to Real Bout Fatal Fury Special? Is it worth buying if I already own that game?



Yeah it's a nicely polished game - I'm not sure which I prefer over this and Special. It'd say it's worth buying if you're a Fatal Fury fan because it's a similar game but you have new backgrounds, presentation and some new characters. If, say, you just bought Special to play a fun fighting game and alway pick Terry anyway then you can probably miss it. However if you're a fan of the series, like me, then it's worth getting as it's a damn good version of Fatal Fury - one of the best.



I'll be getting it on Thursday as soon as I can. I already have a channel free for it on my SD card. Although I didn't really enjoy the early Fatal Fury games, I did always want to play Fatal Fury 3, the Real Bout games and Mark of the Wolves. But until now, they had always been way too expensive or just plain unavailable. I now have FF3 and RBFFS on Wii VC, and MOTW on XBOX 360. They're good but I think I'd prefer them more if I had actually played them when they were new. Now MOTW feels over-rated to me.

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Thanks to both of you for the advice. I am a big fan of the series and have played all of the other games apart from MOTW, so I think I'll pick this one up. I was just a little worried that it would be to similar to Special, but it sounds like there are enough differences to warrant a purchase.

On a related note, I'd be interested to hear anyones thoughts on MOTW (although Bass already alluded to his). It seems to be often regarded as the best Fatal Fury, I am really missing out having not played it? A virtual console release seems unlikely at the moment. I say this as someone who has come to the series quite late, As far as Neo Geo fighting games are concerned, I mainly played KoF and Art of Fighting back in the day.



As you're a big fan of the series then I'd say yes, get it tomorrow. It's the last real Fatal Fury game before they replace most of the cast in MOTW so pretty much the ultimate version (I only prefer Special in some respects for the breakable walls and some backgrounds etc but that's down to taste).

As for MOTW, I'd say a virtual console release is quite likely because it's the follow up to Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, so should be next in line. I do like MOTW but it's by no means my favourite fighter ever. It feels a bit loose to me but it looks nice and is still fun. I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up when it's realeased, which will hopefully be soon as RBFF2 took me by surprise so soon after Special.



Thanks Magear, I will get this and MOTW when it's out. Trying to get only one of each fighting game. Also Art of Fighting 3.

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