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I am new to Nintendo consoles, but I was wondering- my housemate has a WiiU, and I have the Nintendo Club account that is linked to it. If I get my own Wii (not WiiU) at a later date after my housemate moves out, can I redownload the Wii virtual console stuff onto the fresh Wii (which will probably be second hand) using my account, or will I need a new account/ rebuy? I know the transfer is possible Wii-> WiiU once, but then is console locked, but will it work backwards WiiU-> Wii if I bought the games in WiiMode? I don't really want to repeat buy if I can help it (I'd also like to avoid doubled up consoles at this point too, so just buying a Wii now is also not really optimal).

Thanks for your help



Wii (as well as 3DS, and probably DSi) DLC games are tied to the console used to buy the game.
(of course, using the Wii to WiiU program transfers the permissions, but only everything on the console)



Nope you cannot transfer from Wii U to Wii and as King Mike says all purchases are tied to that console I am afraid. So any any game purchases you make on your roomates Wii U you will have to do again when you buy yourself a Wii.

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There are only possible 2 kinds of transfer:

Wii to Wii U
Wii U (wii mode) to Wii U (wii mode)

there no exist Wii to Wii.

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Thanks guys, was worth a try



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