Topic: Problems with SMB3???

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I had the same problem last Christmas when I got my component cables. After an hour of searching online, I found that code on Wikipedia. Nintendo should really mention it in the box you get your cables in or in the VC game's operation's guide.

Also, once you use it once, it will fix all problems you have with other VC games (well, the games that support "component cable interlace mode" at least. Check whether it does or doesn't in the game's description on the Wii Shop).


Ya I bought some component cables, so thats why? Thanks again

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Big A2 what does that button combination do exactly? I also use component, though my TV supports all interlaced modes over component, so I've not had issues other than the game taking a little while to display (sometimes the initial wiimote screen looks a bit garbled, but that always clears itself up).

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