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Topic: Opinions about "DoReMi Fantasy"

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jbrodack wrote:

they are so lazy for not translating this. I've played a .ips patched (so its all in english) version of this on emulators and its a great game. I don't understand asking you to pay more for something they didn't even translate.

Translating it would bump it up a few 100 points to cover the costs. Not that the game really needs it. 900 points for a untranslated version is a great price.

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Is it just me who likes to play games that aren't translated? I love the look and feel of the Japanese versions.
As long as the gameplay doesn't require you to understand the written text who cares?

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I bought this one since it was getting good reviews and it looked fun but I never got around to playing it. I think I'll try it out later today.

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Stuffgamer1 wrote:

My previous statement about the text stands. It doesn't matter if it's not an RPG, it's still REALLY annoying to some people, myself included! I don't appreciate the suggestion that it isn't, and I'm somewhat insulted that my opinion is being steamrolled here. :(

There's what, 10 countries in the world where people get video games released in their native language? Stop whining, and be happy you get to play MOST games in English.




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@Adamant: You, sir, are equally insulting. It is NOT appreciated. I should be allowed to have an opinion without being insulted for it!

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