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jbrodack wrote:

they are so lazy for not translating this. I've played a .ips patched (so its all in english) version of this on emulators and its a great game. I don't understand asking you to pay more for something they didn't even translate.

Translating it would bump it up a few 100 points to cover the costs. Not that the game really needs it. 900 points for a untranslated version is a great price.

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Is it just me who likes to play games that aren't translated? I love the look and feel of the Japanese versions.
As long as the gameplay doesn't require you to understand the written text who cares?

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I bought this one since it was getting good reviews and it looked fun but I never got around to playing it. I think I'll try it out later today.

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Stuffgamer1 wrote:

My previous statement about the text stands. It doesn't matter if it's not an RPG, it's still REALLY annoying to some people, myself included! I don't appreciate the suggestion that it isn't, and I'm somewhat insulted that my opinion is being steamrolled here.

There's what, 10 countries in the world where people get video games released in their native language? Stop whining, and be happy you get to play MOST games in English.



@Adamant: You, sir, are equally insulting. It is NOT appreciated. I should be allowed to have an opinion without being insulted for it!

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