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20 hours later I finally realize how Ogre Battle 64 works. Your goal to survive is within the formation of your units, strategy,and recruiting.


  • each unit is place in a 3x3 grid and up to 5 characters (if not using giant beasts) can be on the same unit.
  • placing a character on the left column (during battle) of the grid, that goes for front line and rear, that character can only attack the left and center column from the opponent grid.
  • placing a character on the center column of the grid, that goes for front line and rear, that character can attack on any range.
  • If your unit lose a battle (meaning that your opponent does more damage to your unit) and you're about to battle the same opponent again, it best to change your unit's formation and it might change a different outcome.
  • formation also lets your unit to performs more powerful attacks (combo magic) when placing two or more characters with the same specific class or attack side by side. Example: 2 sorceress side by side and they don't need to have to be equip with the same elemental attack. Example: 1 sorceress and 1 other class equip with the same elemental attack as the sorceress.


  • the first rule of battle strategy (pressing A during battle), do not set it on automatic. if set on automatic your unit won't team up on attack the same enemy and won't perform an combo magic.
  • formation and strategy are the keys to perform magic combo.
  • you command your units to attack the leader and the 2 sorceress will perform a combo magic on the leader, but remember to make sure that both sorceress are in the position where they can actually be able to attack the leader. Example: 2 sorceress, 1 from the left and 1 from the center column, can't perform combo magic on the leader when it's position on the right column.
  • you can know a head of time of where their leader position on the grid before you enter them in battle when you move your cursor and highlight the unit that is visible on the map and press A. Note: whatever position their leader is on the grid, your unit needs to be mirrored.
  • staying on strongholds will regenerate your unit's health. some strongholds contains shops.
  • this is not Fire Emblem, some strongholds have Witch Den that can bring characters back to life before they become zombies.
  • if your unit is missing attacks, that means they're tired. try to avoid battling and let them sleep in camps or use quit gate if needed.


  • just like Pokemon, wondering around the map (off the road) sometimes encounter stray monsters. during battle weakening the monster first and press A (talk) and they'll join you. It's better to search for monsters on a map that you already clear and not during a battle field.
  • sometimes strongholds contains someone that wants to join you.
  • 3 baby soldier (equals 1 character) can evolve into a gender (changeable classes). The more baby soldiers on one grid, the faster one of them evolves.

That's all I got to know from Ogre Battle 64 so far. I'm very much enjoying the game and I hope these tips gives you the understanding of what this game is all about. If you still having problems then write it down.

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I really need to understand these Ogre battle games better.
I bought the Snes and N64 games on VC and I've barely got into them. The strategy and thinking involved is sorta
overwhelming. I should get back to playing them but I get distracted by so many other games.
Maybe these tips will help me out and I might give the games another look.
Hopefully I'll get better and enjoy them more.

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