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KaiserGX wrote:

This isn't anything like that. Yeah there's a battle part of the game but it's only a small part. This is a lot deeper then I thought it was ever going to be. Though I might as well start over... I have enough troops and took a couple lands but I am close to dieing of old age lol.

I'm really glad to see this series is earning a new legion of fans.

Fingers crossed some of the next gen games make their way out west again.


I was also watching some Japanese History on Netfli><. Really makes you appreciate the characters when you get back into the game. Always start off with Ieyasu (besides being the second youngest). I spent too much time resting though... maybe that's why my days flew by. I know what I want to do this time though when I start over. Also I didn't notice there was a cap on how much Gold/Rice I could receive. I could have spent those turns on something else. Or at least I think it was a cap because I tried developing the town, ta><es and giving Gold and Rice to the Peasants but it was always at around 1840 in the fall even when I didn't spend it (same with the rice around the same amount).


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