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lz2010 wrote:

I suppose....but even Japan is getting very few VC titles now

You have a point there. We'll have to wait until next update to confirm/deny its continuation/pattern. I hope Nintendo smartens up and starts choosing the games some of us have been waiting for...



@Stuffgamer1 - there are already Disney games available as downloads. Little Mermaid II on the PSN I think I saw. It's just too great opportunity with Epic Mickey, which I'm pretty sure Nintendo will help advertise big time. These games are also too good - Lion King is just amazing. I'm playing it these days again on DOS emulation but have a trouble recognizing the controller. These games will sell and they'll find a way to make it happen.

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Nintendo will make alot of money if they Release those Old Mario Party Games,or some of the Mega Man X Games, I never played before, But thats up to Capcom If they want to.

How about Dream Cast Games, Why havn't nintendo, try that with Sega.
and Sega needs the Money too

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1. Try something new on the VC (e.g. Wrecking Crew)
2. Get something used (e.g. Duck Tales)
3. Find a remake (e.g. Drift Mania)
4. Go play what games I already have.

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@mnementh: Yeah, there are some Disney games available on the PAL PSN, but not American or Japanese for some odd reason. Also note that they're collaborations with other companies, and not Capcom. This may have no effect on VC possibilities, but is still worth a mention, IMO.

@StarFox: Ah, Wrecking Crew is one of those "childhood classics." By which I mean I'm quite fond of it, but that may be due largely to nostalgia.

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I have a theory on the lower volume of VC releases as of late, so hear me out. A lot of the really good games, barring a few other classics, are on VC. Subtracting licensed games for legal issues, that may be part of the issue. Not to mention the focus on WiiWare and DSiWare lately.

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It'll be Europe's turn soon...

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Lame! It'd be understandable if WW was stacked with titles...but it's only getting two.

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Nintendo of America should have released a game from the Commodore 64, as we are due for another one from that computer system.

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We've been due for a long while...



You know that we are pretty much on a standstill here, right? I mean, all we are left to do is either mention the lack of Virtual Console games or make threads on attempts to "save" the Virtual Console, even though no thread had ever reached actual fruition.

Ironically, just when the Virtual Console picks up and I forget about boycotting WiiWare, the Virtual Console slows down.
Then again, I am rather conformist, so I will just play the games I have yet to beat (or use my DSiXL, if I have one).

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Wild Guns should have been released this week.

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All we got is WiiWare this week. Woohoo.

Shut up and download Yoshi's Story or something.

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At least the US and Japan VC are not rendered largely worthless due to rubbish 50HZ versions...

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Bit.Trip Runner is out next week, so this is good news for me. ;3



What bums me out most about these "VC-Free" weeks is that I mainly bought a Wii so I could play these gems of yester-year. I hate that Nintendo seems they would rather focus on the WiiWare service, when I would rather have a game from the SNES that I know is good, then some crappy WiiWare game that is just a free-online flash game with a $10 price tag. I wouldn't be so bitter about it if I had Starfox and Yoshi's Island on my Wii right now...make it happen, Nintendo!

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