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I've seen multiple threads on this forum with users looking for advice on what games to buy, but there is no one thread that has attempted to compile a list of games you all think everyone should own. So here is what I ask. What games that are currently available on virtual console and WiiWare do you think are must buys for almost anyone? These are usually games that standout in some way, either by defining a genre or being the best in that class. Or, the game could introduce a unique game play element or style and is thus a first.

I will be following this thread and using others comments to compile a list here of games that are generally thought to be must haves. When suggesting a game for this list, please also tell us your reason for it. Saying Mega Man 2 should be on the list with no reason as to why won't be helpful to anyone, but saying Mega Man 2 should be on the list because it has all the features that makes a good 2D platformer fun to play and is challenging is better.


Super Mario 64 (the greatest 2d series to ever move to 3d duha funn!!)
super Contra( a great fun arcade game )
Zelda Majors Mask(if u dont know already you need help)
Life force Or A Graduis Game (fun side scrolling shooter games)

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I would own Majora's Mask. BUT a certain company by the name of "Nintendo of America," won't release it. And Japan and PAL regions have had it for a month now. And we still don't have it.



I think Resident Evil 2 should be put on the list. I bet Japan already has but I agree with everyone else.



Ocarina of Time IS A MUST!



Lords of Thunder for the VC

Art Style: Orbient for WIi Ware

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For the VC:

Paper Mario - an incredible RPG, and a must at $10
Neutopia II - blatant Zelda ripoff, but its incredibly fun. $6
Mario Kart 64 - Great fun with friends, but the AI cheats. $10
Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream. - Incredible boxing game requiring skill and a quick thumb. $5.

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