Topic: Moved a VC game (Paper Mario) to an SD card and now I can't access save file, help??

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I recently moved my Paper Mario to an SD card and then today I moved it back to my Wii internal memory and launched the game but my save file was gone? I went to the Data Management menu and it said there was save data for the game on my Wii and SD card but launching from either produced no save files. Any ideas?



It either needs to be turned off and restarted, or that save file is from a different Wii. Or are you trying to access the saved file from the SD card?

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I tried accessing it from both the Wii and SD card. The game and save file were originally on my Wii's internal memory before I moved the game to the SD card.



So you made a copy of your Paper Mario Save Data on SD Card?

Then delete the Paper Mario Save Data from the Wii Memory and copy the Save Data you have on the SD Card over to the Wii Memory.
(The games automatically generate a new save file if you start them without having the original save data available on the Wii Memory)


^ what SKTTR said. also, it doesn't matter what Wii a savefile is from, so long as it's from the same region it should work just fine. :3

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I originally downloaded the game onto my wii, then later I put in an SD card and had the system move things around automatically based what I haven'ttplayed in a long time and Paper Mario was one of these games. Then yesterday I tried to launch the game (which was on the SD card) and my save file wasn't there. So I moved the channel to the Wii's memory and the save file still wasn't there. It said there was save data for the game on both my SD card and wii internal memory but there were no save files on the game I then deleted the save data for the game on the SD card because I thought that would do something for some reason. Now all I have is the data on my Wii's memory so it looks like I'm screwed. This is depressing, I don't wanna have to play through the desert area again.

Thanks of the replies though.

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Yep you're screwed.

Save Data on SD Card is just for backup. Games cannot read it.
You shouldn't have deleted your backup data.

You should have deleted the empty file from the Wii memory, so you could copy your backup Save Data back into the Wii's memory in order to make the game have access to it again.

Unfortunately you deleted the wrong file, all your progress is lost.


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