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Does MK64 save your progress through the single palyer cups so u know which ones uv dun n how well like say f-zero-x would or the more recent mario karts by putting sum sorta marking on said cup or does it reset its self every time you turn the game off?ps i know u can save time trials with a memory card but im downloading it on the wiis VC?!



It gives you a cup

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1. The game does save progress.
2. All N64 Virtual Console games reset once you exit from them, but no data is lost.
3. Since Ghost Data saved to the N64's Memory Card ( that plugs in the controller), there is no way to save ghost data in the Virtual Console version.



Nintendo is lazy, they simply could do a new save for illimited ghost data, same for the rumble (the gamecube controller can use rumble) or maybe for the Wii U could handle the rumble with the controller pro or even with the game pad.

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