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Okay, I hope you're sitting down right now... I never played a single Zelda game!!11

But don't worry, I want to buy an older Zelda for the VC. The only problem is that I don't know what I should choose: Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask?
What do you think?

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Ocarina of time

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Oh without a doubt Ocarina of Time. I liked Majora's Mask but Ocarina of Time has a magic that will never fade for me.



Ocarina then Majora, as it was meant to be. And ergh, you've never played Zelda wow, you're in for a treat.



since you've never played a Zelda game before, get Ocarina of Time first. It'll get you used to 3D Zelda play, and if you decide you like it, get Majora's Mask afterward.

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Both are phenomenal games, but I would have to say that Ocarina of Time is slightly better (It's probably my favorite game of all-time). If you get a Wii points card worth 2,000 points and are a fan of the other games in the Zelda series, you might as well go ahead and just pick both of them up as they are both incredible.

Sometimes I wonder, however, if the main reason why Ocarina is better is because it was the first time you got to play Zelda in 3D...just like Super Mario 64. I think Super Mario Galaxy is just as good of a game—maybe even a little bit better...maybe—but it will never compare to playing Mario in 3D for the first time. I spent hours just running around in circles in the castle's courtyard before even starting the actual game. It was the same kind of experience with Ocarina of Time for me.

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NEVER played a Zelda?

Then you're going to want to start with A Link to the Past.

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I agree. Between the two 3D Zeldas, you should play Ocarina of Time first. MM kinda assumes you have played Ocarina first so there will be a lot implied there that you may miss at first. There's no such problem with Ocarina, and in the Zelda "timeline" Ocarina is thought to be the first one anyways.

But if you can, you should REALLY play "A Link to the Past" first. It is just a plain classic.

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I'd start with OOT. Even though i favour MM myself like someone else said it's a better introduction to the Zelda gameplay.But once your done with OOT and suitably amazed then get MM, it'll blow you away!! And yes,if you can, play ALTTP as well.

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Out of the N64 titles, get Ocarina of Time. I'd then tell you to pass on Majora's Mask, but a lot of people really like it, so you should probably get that sometime as well.

But Ocarina first.

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I like Majora more, but you have to play Ocarina to understand some stuff in Majora. Just play Ocarina first, because their storylines are connected.

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Ocarina of Time. Definitely if you never played a Zelda game before. Majora's Mask has this weird time system that, although extremely clever, might be a bit daunting at first for Zelda newbies. And, even more important; Majora's Mask is a sequel to Ocarina of time, though it doesn't make much difference in completing the game or understanding the story, it will make Majora's Mask much more enjoyable if you played Ocarina of Time first.

And Ocarina is just so... EPIC!

Nothing beats Ocarina of Time not even newer games such as Twilight Princess or Wind Waker.

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With the the 3D Zelda games, it depends on what you want. Majora's Mask revolves mostly around side quests while OoT has more dungeons to explore. It's quantity of storyline versus quality of characters (and just about everything else...seriously, first dungeon in MM has a huge lobby and I have a friend who couldn't even reach the last temple in that thing). Although, OoT is where to start if you've never played a Zelda game before. It's the basic Zelda formula with a good deal of dungeons, a great little side quest for one of the best items in the game, and quite a storyline for the time. It may also be mentioned that in some respects, MM is harder (I have a friend who never got to the last dungeon in that one). So try starting out with OoT (imo). Although, you might want to look up some gameplay from the beginning of both games before truly deciding.

[However, as Dezner said, ALttP is also one to try out. It's actually quite nice with plenty of extra things to do. It's closer to OoT with the dungeons and all. Again, look up some gameplay.]

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