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Around $600 for me. Saving up to buy some more this autumn.





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Super Castlevania IV: $8.00
Rondo of Blood: $9.00
A Link to the Past: $8.00
Super Mario Bros 3: $5.00
Castlevania III: $5.00

Total Wii VC: $35.00

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on my wii $60 on 3ds $40...

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Hmm, I bought just a couple of games on VC - I think maybe I spent $30 AUD or so? I spent a bit more on WiiWare, probably close to $100.

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I've probably spent around 200$ between the Wii's VC & the 3DS E-Shop... Maybe a BIT less...



About 80 bucks

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Wii VC? Not that much. 3DS VC? Oh crikey.

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$40 bux is the most i've spent but some of that was on songs for just dance 2

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I don't know EXACTLY how much. At LEAST $300-400. There was this one time when Toys R Us had some sort of like, 20% off special on Wii Points Cards. It may have even been like 30% off. I bought $200 dollars worth at that time. They lasted me about a year and a half and that was like three years ago? So at LEAST that much, but probably about double. That saved me a huge chunk of money though. It probably would have been about $600 by now if it weren't for how long those points lasted me.

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I know it perfectly well because I keep an account of it.
I spent exactly:
20.000 Points for Virtual Console
32.100 Points for WiiWare

That makes 52100 Points altogether which means I have spent approx Euro 521,00 for downloadable games.
(Points resulting from Nintendo-Club-Stars not excluded.)

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Probably around $100 give or take.

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Actually I dunno really. >.>
I only bought 2 WiiWare games...and, a crapload of VC games. xD

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Hmm, like 60$ i guess? The eShop probably 60 or 80 as well.

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I've probably spent only around $30. I've had a Wii since 2007, but ignored the Virtual Console until about a year ago.

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Probably around $200. I have 30 VC games but some of those were gifts.

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Raylax wrote:

Wii VC? Not that much. 3DS VC? Oh crikey.


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