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Hi there, I got Adventure Island for virtual console and I just found an interesting but annoying glitch.

In the original NES game, there was some pot bonus that you could find by running into some rocks. An example is in the round 2-4, at the end of section #2. Running into it should reveal a hidden pot, but in the virtual console version all that happens is Master Higgins dies instantly, without even losing a small part of his stamina as it should happen.

Has anyone found this bug as well? It`s kinda annoying because it was a nice fun factor to keep looking for hidden pots in the stages.



This glitch is not simply "annoying" as you stated, but it's pretty much downright crippling. In stage 8-3, there is a series of very difficult jumps at the end of the stage which can ultimately be ended by jumping into a phony fire to reveal a hidden pot bonus. However now that jumping into this fire instantly kills you because of the glitch, the stage goes from being insanely difficult to nearly impossible.

I once encountered a glitch in a Sonic game, but when I deleted it from my memory and redownloaded it, the glitch was fixed. Every few months I try doing this with Adventure Island, but the glitch is always present. I was hoping that transferring my data from my wii to the the wii u would finally solve the issue, but alas it did not. Now that this glitch has been present for a few years, I have very little hope of it ever being fixed.

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I didn´t know about this glitch.

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Bonus hidden pot is always good

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