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You guys are still arguing about this??
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Actually, the line where I stated about the grenades should have said that there was a 2 grenade LIMIT in the multiplayer so people didn't have a chance to repeatedly lob grenades at others before the player gets killed. While it WOULD be nice for Rare's games to be released on the VC (as I had PREVIOUSLY stated in one of my earlier posts), naturally I was also talking about Goldeneye. Yes, it would be great but it won't happen for the time being. I'm going to have to disagree with you about the version Rare wanted to release before Microsoft killed it; that one was an UPDATED version where the graphics and sounds were improved and the ONLY major change was the addition of online multiplayer over Xbox Live. This was not a 'remake'.

But anyway, I like that we can debate on it as we are talking about a game that we all wish would show up on the VC and had played so many games with it on the N64. I had a lot of great memories with Goldeneye and thankfully, my N64 still works.

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