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Are all the game on the VC Genesis genesis onyl, I mean are there any Sega CD or 32X games, not that many of them are good, but it'd be great to have Sonic CD.



Just Genesis so far. The Sega CD and 32X probably won't hit the VC, although it's possible. (less so for the 32X)

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I think we might see Sega CD titles at some point, but 32X might be pushing it.

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I have to disagree with such a small library I think Nintendo and Sega will add the 32x once the Genesis games start to dwindle. Plus games like Virtua Fighter and Knuckles Chaotix would sell well on the VC.

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I haven't played Knuckles Chaotix or Sonic CD. I hope 32X and Sega CD both come to VC.

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