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I have great memories of Star Fox (well Starwing to me) and Mario Kart. They're probably my two most anticipated VC games since before I even bought a Wii (and I was gutted when I looked on the VC shop for the first time and didn't see them there). The wait is long but I'm still looking forwards to being able to play them one day...



Super Mario Kart didn't have an FX chip, but it had something called Mode 7 graphics. But Japan got it June 9. Bound to be soon over here.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island used an FX chip too. I love that game.

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Contra- don`t care.
SMK- Got on Super Nintendo so I don`t really mind if we get it anytime soon
Star Fox- Love to see on VC sometime soon but who knows when that`ll be?

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Contra - I wish.
Super Mario KArt - I wish. Badly. One of my favorite games ever.
Yoshi's Island - I own it in several formats, so I'll pass.
Star Fox - Meh, I've played it and I'm not too keen on it.



MetalMario wrote:

Super Mario Kart didn't have an FX chip, but it had something called Mode 7 graphics.

Most SNES games have Mode 7 graphics. It's just the SNES' sprite rotation and scaling mode (seen in F-Zero, Super Mario World, Link to the Past, Super Metroid) to name just a few.

For the record, the FX chip will definately not cause any emulation problems. This is Nintendo we're talking about. If some kid coding in his bedroom can get an FX chip game running on my mobile phone, I'm pretty sure Nintendo can get it running on the Wii!



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