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Name says it all.

Personally, I think Atari 2600 games for 200 points each would be cool. But only good games like Combat, Breakout, and Video Olympics. No Pac-Man, No Custer's revenge, no Starfox, AND NO E.T.

Also, how about some sega saturn games? With a special surprise that finally got finished in dedication.

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You won't ever see Custer's Revenge on a Nintendo console anyway regardless of the game's quality.

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I think Atari 2600 is the most possible for the next console they add to VC.

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Right now, Nintendo is like an impulsive shopper, buying anything they think looks awesome. Granted, the last purchase was indeed awesome, but they got enough on the cart to be satisfied. What am I saying, I think we really shouldn't get our hopes up for another console as we have plenty of new ones like the Master System, Commodore 64, and the VCA. Well, I really hope we don't to be honest.



Yea, I would much rather see the current consoles (especially C64 and Arcade) actually supported before even more consoles are implemented. I don't understand the logic of introducing these two platforms in the US only to ignore them entirely afterward.

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Nintendo should release a game for each retro system every week. Especially the newer consoles, C64, Arcade, etc.



sega cd needs to come to the vc.



I agree that the Sega CD should come to the Virtual Console. But we'll likely see the 32X beforehand though.

Sega must be running out of Genesis games they can publish for the Virtual Console; they'll be looking for a fresh supply of games to make money from.

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we need to wait for the ones we already have to get cooking and deliver their biggest titles, then we can move on

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Sean+Aaron wrote:

I don't think Playstation is realistic, but I think we could definitely see future instalments of games that first appeared on Playstation (a new Intelligent Qube, Front Mission or Bushido Blade would be welcome!).

I would kill for a new Bushido Blade. The first person mode from the first game would be awesome with the wii remote and motionplus. One of the most original fighting games ever with one hit kills that actually made sense.

On topic: sega cd (snatcher especially) or Gba

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Sorry, to "remind" everyone' but it would be insanely fun-tastic to bring the "Virtual Console" to the Nintendo DSi Shop Channel!

I know, eh... the possibilities, like GameBoy collections or 'sets' and GBA titles, touch-enhancements, Wi-fi, etc., etc. ;D

Anyways, I'm writing this up on the DSi Browser, talk to you next time!



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