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ClayFighter has been out for about two years. Tough call between that and Call of Duty, though.


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@James I think the Call of Puty he was referencing was a ClayFighter game slated for DSiWare and WiiWare that we haven't heard much of.


I shouldn't read forum posts without my glasses on.

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I want Clay Fighter 63 1/3 or Clay Fighter Sculptor's cut



clay fighter call of puty was gonna come out but its probaubly cancelled now

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I wonder where Call of Putty is?? I guess this means it's canceled.

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Apparently I have ClayFighter on my SNES.
Yeah, I own a SNES and I'm 13 years old. Doesn't work anymore though, but I don't remember Clay Fighter ever working no matter how many times I blew the cartridge.

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