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I need help finding all 13 endings in the game, I've found 5, but it's becoming difficult finding the others, and I refuse to use a guide because it would spoil the endings. So in this thread please list how to see each ending along with a maybe a two to five word title being the only thing describing the ending, that way those of us who want to view every ending will still be able to without having the plot spoiled!

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i honestly can't remember them all, but i think in general it has to do with going to lavos at different points in the game, or with certain characters.

like at the start of new game+ you go fight lavos with just crono
at certain key points you can go through the bucket at the end of time.

good luck finding them all by yourself.

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Here's an article that sums up every ending, and how to reach it. Obviously contains spoilers, but if you only look at the first heading "How to get" for each section, then the endings won't be spoiled.

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There's a FAQ up at gFAQs here that goes through all the available endings and their variations. All you have to do is not read through to the end of the text for each one if you don't want to know how they go before you've witnessed them with your own eyes. There aren't really any spoilers except for the possible variations (sometimes if you do certain things or make certain choices you'll get differing results through each of the major endings).

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