Topic: Best local multiplayer VC game suggestions?

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So far i have f-zero x and star fox 64, but i have 4000 points and really want a new local multiplayer VC game, don't have super smash bros here yet. can anyone help me out here or shud i keep waiting?

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So you know there are some great local multiplayer games on WiiWare too.

MK64 and DKC series comes to mind for VC.



I would wait for SSB but if you want a good multiplayer now I would get Mario Kart 64.

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i have 2 agree with the 2 above either mk64 or mario golf



Oh, one of the multiplayer Mario N64 titles mentioned are alright, like Mario Golf, though I was thinking multiplayer in a co-op fashion...

The title I am going to mention as one of my 'recommendations' is not an 'N64 Game Pak' **gasp**, but a 'SEGA Genesis cartridge'.

You may be put-a-back by this, however, if you TREASURE VIDEO GAMES, you will look into Gunstar Heroes! You and your friends (1-2 Players) will have a blast with its difficulty/challenges! :|...

Just to mention another local multiplayer Virtual Console game, because they're even fun to mention, would be Mario Kart 64, yes, Mario Kart 64!

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Super C, Contra 3 are good if you like that type of game.


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Kirby's Dream Course is great fun for two people. Secret of Mana comes highly recommended if your group has a LOT of time to spend together. I would recommend Golden Axe, but you should wait for the Arcade's WAY better than the Genesis one. I believe it's currently available in Japan, but should be coming to other regions soon-ish.

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