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Twilight+Crow wrote:

it would be the best if it weren't for all those barrel levels or the ones where you have to fly with or as a parrot, those took me away from my beloved platform jumping.

I agree barrels, and parrots are boring!


DKC2 FTW! Easily the best in the series. Then it'd go DKC3, then 1. They're all freaking amazing, though. Best platformers on the SNES.

DKC2 is a game that I can pop in anytime and enjoy, even to this day. Call me bias, but it takes me waaaaaay back to when I was a young un. Also, compared to the first game, the difficulty was given a shot in the arm and the boss fights were no longer generic and derivative. And let us not forget about the excellent music in DKC2, although all 3 had top-notch tunes. Ah, Bramble Scramble. I don't care how hard of a level you were. I'll always remember you for your beautiful music...

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More than the other games in the series, DKC2 feels like a product of the 90s to me.



And in DKC2, you had to take the unexpected routes to get those big DK coins. Even though Rare would usually give you a hint here and there to find them (some of them anyway).

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Each have their own unique charrms.

The first one is straight-forward and simple, the third one the complete opposite with the second one being in the middle

I do prefer the SNES games more than the Wii game though.

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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

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even as a diehard fan of the original, 2 is better.

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gameking23 wrote:

I personally do not like any Donkey Kong Country games.

Then why are you even posting in this thread, duh. lol

I guess I need to finally experience the second entry. I remember after I completed the first installment back in the mid 90's, my one friend kept insisting there was a hidden level in the game titled Atlantas. I spent hours on the underwater level trying to find it with no luck. lol

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Old thread is old.




I love all of them. 3x10/10.


dk 1,2 are best.

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I was always surprised that the DKC series had such a strong following. I mean, I enjoyed the games, but I didn't think they were particularly spectacular outside of their soundtracks. But anyway, if I were to pick a favourite I would probably go with the original. It might seem a little simplistic compared to later games in the series, but for whatever reason it was the one I enjoyed the most.

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i only played the first one but i loved it. it is definitely my favorite SNES game. My SNES came bundled with it. Never played the other two

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DKC2 is the best by far in my opinion. The other 2 are also great, but the 2nd just had the best music, levels, bosses, and environments.



Such a great trilogy. My favorite is still the original.



The third one is absolutely terrible, but then it was developed by a different team within Rareware, so that does explain it.

DKC2 is probably the superior game out of the two remaining, what with all the additions and "improvements" they made over the original, but my fond memories of the first one make it win out as my personal "best".


I still love the original the most, although 2 is extremely good. 3 I liked, but I didn't love it.

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