Topic: Best 1,000 points you ever spent?

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What's the best game(s) you ever got with 1,000?
It can be multiple games, ( E.g: 500 + 500) as long it is in the 1,000 range.
Or you might of just blew the lot on one game.
..So what's the best game you bought with 1,000 in your bank?



Virtual Console N/A since I only spent about 1400 in VC games minus the free NES game.

But WiiWare immediately goes to the first 3 levels of Space Invaders Get Even. Maybe Mega Man 9.

Other consoles, EscapeVektor and Dillon's Rolling Western are right behind SIGE.

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For me, the best game for 1000 points is the WiiWare title Jett Rocket. For a download title it's more than impressive. Like Super Mario Galaxy but a lot easier and of course not-so-extensive.

For VC it's definitely Paper Mario. (And this was also my first downloadable game.)

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Probably the 1000 I spend on Majora's Mask, which ended up becoming my favourite game ever

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Ogre Battle 64. Mega Man 10 was awesome too, but it technically isn't a VC game. my pants.


Best 1000 points award goes to La Mulana I would have put down 5000 for it no problems. Awesome game was well worth the wait.



Best 1,000 points spent was Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth though that is a WiiWare title and not VC. Th OP didn't specify VC in the topic though this is in the VC forum so if I had to stick with VC I would go with Rondo of Blood for 900 which I would have easily payed 1,000 points for as I would probably never played this TG-16 game otherwise.

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For VC, Majora's Mask.
Overall, Petit Computer.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 and River City Ransom.

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Majora's Mask definitely, a few SNES RPG's mostly imports would be up there too like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 2/4 though each of those where 900 points each here, close enough.



Ocarina of Time

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Mega Man 2 and Legend of Zelda.

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It can be from anything really! I put it in the VC section because I thought it was the best place to put the topic.



Super Metroid. I have played this game so many times.

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Ys book I and II

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

NintendoLife's score of 5/10 be damned! This was a great game, even on WiiWare and it got me into the series.

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