Topic: Are you still downloading VC games despite the drought?

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Ryno wrote:

WaveBoy wrote:

The last game I played was Mega Man 5 which was back in July.
There are still a few more SNES game on the VC i wan't to give a mega whirl, including a couple NES titles like Balloon Fight, Wrecking Crew, The Arcade version of Ghosts 'n Goblins, and maybe Faxanadu. And there are only '2' NES VC games that will get an inevitable release that I wan't and they are Mega Man 6 and Adventure Island II.

Yet I'm still on the fence with Ristar and Dynomite Heady for the Sega Genesis....Hmmmm.

Wave, I know this goes against me and my "original style" but how about this...

For the price of Dynamite Heady and Ristar on VC you can a few more Genesis games and get some use out of the PS3 of yours

As for currently downloading VC games, no I am not. I rather have the originals but I have 1500 points to spend still. I should probably use it on Castlevania Rebirth .

Oh I already know about that little PS3 gem, the problem is, is that there is no way in hell that I'm using the PS3 Dual Shock controller to play these retro genesis Using that modernised controller with handles would feel all sorts of wrong.
Too bad it wasn't released for the Wii, how amazing would that be? After all I love using the Classic Controller for Genesis titles.

And YES, get ReBirth! it's a pretty solid and fun entry in the franchise, and hands down it has one of the best Dracula battles out of the traditional Castlevania titles. I had a pretty good time with it, but whatever you do, stay away from Contra ReBirth that was nothing but a stinky lazy half assed contra turtle pie and the unlimited continues practically destroyed the experience....The Boss battles were so uninspired aside from the 1st and overall it was just too short compared to the other contra games. Stay awayyyyy.

Oh and have you gotten Mega Man 9 yet? If not, get on it on Prontosaurus!



As long as the Wii shop exists I will continue to buy VC and WiiWare games. Just bought Gate of Thunder and Star Parodier this month.



I haven't bought anything from the service in a long while (I'm pretty sure the last time I downloaded something was Secret of Mana last year), but I've been really thinking about splurging on a few games lately. Maybe I'll add 2000 points to my sad little 200 and get Faxanadu, DoReMi Fantasy/Pulseman and a SNES game.

Yep, I went ahead and bought myself Faxanadu, DoReMi Fantasy and Kirby Super Star. That should keep me busy for a while.

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What's a VC game? haha just kidding

The last Wii VC game I got was Majora's Mask last year. And I got that only because I didn't want to get that memory expansion thingy for my N64. So, since I'm a retro collector, I don't really need the VC. But I guess it is nice to have that suspend point functionality.

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I actually downloaded Donkey Kong Country just a few days ago, which I'm loving so far.


oldgamesonly wrote:

Balloon Fight is a nice game

Not gonna get what I already can get for free on GameCube's Animal Crossing thank you.



I just downloaded Spacer Harrier 2 and Super Thunder Blade. Space Harrier 2 is awesome and the difficulty is a little better balanced then the arcade version. You won't die constantly. Great theme music and graphics worth a look if you just want to shoot and blast some enemies. Its a much better game than the NL review gives it credit for.

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still thinking on what to up load next...

"Its All About Those 2x Houston Rockets, 5x Dallas Cowboys, 1x Houston Astros, Texas A&M Aggies".


I downloaded Super R-Type and R-Type III because i thought Irem could quit these games. That was last month.

Me gusta jugar videojuegos. Soy de México. Sorry my english grammar. I love the Virtual Console, party and fighting games too.

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this is my list of stuff i need to buy still

mario lost levels
Mega man 4 and 5
super ghouls n ghosts
majoras mask
yoshi story
kirby 64 crystal shards
turbo grafx16:
Bonks adventure
king of the monsters
ninja combat
sega Master system:
alex kidd in miracle world
phantasy star 1
VC Arcade:
Golden axe

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I may go back and buy some of the games that have been on the VC for a while. Such as Mega Man X and Majora's Mask.



Aero the Acrobat on 07-23-10 and stopped buying new VC games, because I had not played the majority of my collection yet. At this moment, I have only finished 32/72 VC games so it will probably take 2-3 years before I buy a new one (either Chrono Trigger or Mega Man 5).

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havent got nothing so far...

"Its All About Those 2x Houston Rockets, 5x Dallas Cowboys, 1x Houston Astros, Texas A&M Aggies".


Nope...that is all.



Started playing Ghosts 'n Goblins For the Arcade VC tonight as one of my planned Halloween titles to bust out which obviously didn't make it in time. I put in around 3 hours which is suprising considering i never usually go past the 2 hour bodacious marky due to getting those ultra fuzzy gooey eyes and feeling a bit care bear crummy, but the insanity that was the crazy loopy frustrating challenge drew me in hehe.


I wanted to finish it in one night. But alas, i still can't finish the final level!.....Which seems to be the final stage leading to the final Boss. The funny thing is after several dies & tries, i finally killed those 2 giant massive Red gargoyle demons.....And I expected a key to float down frorm the sky when all of the sudden a giant sign pops up and says "You can't USE this weapon, you have to use 'this' weapon blah blah" I let out a big enourmous WTF bud! And i got sent back to the previous portion of that area/level which is hard enough as it is! ugh! It totaly pulled a Ninja Gaiden 1 on my bogus buns!

I'll most likely finish it tomorrow. I planned on playing this on Halloween night, but it didn't go to plan, so my Halloween gaming and horror movies have been extended for a few more days.

Anyways, it's safe to say that Ghosts 'n Goblins is one of the toughest games of all time....I can't remember if Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts for the SNES was tougher...I think it actually may of been slightly, meh...I can't remember even though i actually beat it last Halloween. The first stage was miles harder than the one in Ghosts 'n Goblins that's for sure! But the real mega ticker is who in the hell could even finish Ghosts 'n Goblin at the Arcades? That person must of spent an entire pay check on quarters! lol

If it weren't for the unlimited continues, Ghosts 'n goblins would practically be unbeatable, unless you knew the game on the palm of your hand....even then! But still, Adventure Isalnd still smokes the challenge seen here imo.

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I'm thinking of getting Rolling Thunder 2. I've wanted this game for some time and I just finished watching a Rolling Thunder Retrospective on You tube.

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I've got Balloon Fight and maybe Faxuendo left to get for the NES, maybe Kirby's Dreamland 3 for the SNES, Kirby 64, Gunstar Heroes, and maybe Dynomite Heady and Ristar for the Genesis.

I'm tempted to download something from the Commodre 64 just out of pure Nostalgia....Commodre 64 tunes are so hypnotising and crazy GIJOE brings back too many memories, along with eh, I'll pass on SCAT, and maybe go with The Last Ninja.



Now that I think about it I still don't have Alien Crush yet. I just have the Wii Ware version, but I need the VC version. To be honest I'd love to get it on the 3DS if they ever decide to release Turbo games for the e-shop.

I started playing Soldier Blade again yesterday. If you are looking for a great shooter look no further.

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