Topic: Are you still downloading VC games despite the drought?

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I just started back up again, I bought 3 Neo Geo Games.

  • KoF 96
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
  • Last Blade

Plan on getting Metal Slug 3 soon.

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I'm more of a 3DS VC guy, Wii VC doesn't appeal to me for some reason I cant figure out.



I buy stuff periodically. Since I never bought stuff like crazy, there's always something for me to get.

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I think we have a enough VC games, what more do you people want?

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I need to buy another points card because i still got my eye on a couple of titles I dont have.

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I forgot this post:

My last VC downloads:

  • Double Dragon II
  • Frogger 30th anniversary (wiiware)

Me gusta jugar videojuegos. Soy de México. Sorry my english grammar. I love the Virtual Console, party and fighting games too.

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not so frequent anymore.

My last download games were Monster World IV (MD), Wonder Boy in Monster Land (VCA), Blaster Master Overdrive (WW) and TNT Racers (WW).

I'm thinking about adding The Last Blade (NG) and Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition (WW) but only a few SNES games, Retro City Rampage, and La-Mulana are day-ones for me.


I've been downloading eShop VC games more so than Wii VC games these days.

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I haven't downloaded a VC game in a long time. Pretty much have all the ones I want., until they release GameBoy Adv./Gamecube games that it.

Looking forward to: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

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