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1. Just because X game from your childhood isn't there doesn't mean it won't come. It's just that Nintendo isn't willing to shell out the bucks just yet.
2. You can always get the game from a local retailer, online, or (if you're lucky) at a garage sale
3. Concerning the removal of two games lately, it's only because of lost rights. You will not lose the games, as you've already paid for them. Otherwise, Nintendo would be required by law to compensate you (perhaps with a free NES game a la Internet channel).
4. There are already hundreds of great games on the VC already. Get some of those.
5. Nintendo is busy right now with the 3DS and the Wii U (although you could say that the Virtual Console was created as a side project while they focused on DSiWare and WiiWare). Once things like the 3DS VC get settled, maybe we'll see more consistent releases.
6. Most of the games you whine about are third party, for which Nintendo has to pay a lot of cash for. 90% of Nintendo's best first party titles on the Wii are already out.
7. This will happen again with the Wii U after people don't see X GameCube game.
8. Some first party games like Dr. Mario would cannibalize sales of the already available and more expensive WiiWare or DSiWare games.
9. If you don't hate Microsoft, you can always get a few classics on the Xbox 360 (hopefully many of you already have the TMNT games)
10. You can always get ports, enhanced ports, or remakes instead.

Now shut up.

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