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Space Invaders: Get Even


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I highly suggest against that... I really didn't have fun with that game until after buying some DLC. It felt like a demo for 500 points before that.

River City Ransom... You can't go wrong!

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Castlevania 3 is probably the best 500 point purchase available.

Seriously, the sheer amount of content in that game is staggering. Largest Castlevania (stage-based) to date, and just wait til you get to the second-to-last level. I recall being stuck on that stage from age 10 until age 14.

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Kirbys Adventure!

I've got alot of play out of those 500 points. Love that damn blob.



I'm having some fun with it so far but i do agree that it does feel somewhat like a demo with only 3 levels. I'll certainly be getting DLC when i have the points then.


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I actually enjoyed Space Invaders Get Even for quite some time without the DLC; pursuit of high scores gives it some decent replay value. The DLC levels get quite a bit tougher -- would you believe I still haven't played through all of them?

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